”A hint of nature can make us see the world with the free colors of the spirit”


Constellations is a collection of digitally processed photographs of painted metal and wooden plates.

This work attempts to illustrate the relationship between humanity and nature and, specifically, how nature thrives and redefines human impact upon it.

I have been traveling with my camera not to capture beautiful landscapes but to find textures that were clearly impacted by human beings. Using these textures as a source of inspiration, I created this series, ‘Constellations’.

In my studio, I then started to work with these photographs and added an element of nature, a tree, that I use metaphorically to show the natural force that redefines the image completely, creating imaginary and impossible landscapes.

A single representational element brings an entirely different dimension to these painted surfaces. Everything becomes clear to the viewer, from a satellite image that shows a slice of the planet to an entire set of atmospherically and geologically defined shapes.

With ‘Constellations’, I use nature as a source of inspiration. It mixes and unifies both painting and photography. As with real observations of nature, other senses do play a role. For that reason, the collection is presented with a musical layer. All together, this is an attempt to create a truly rich experience that will bring the viewer’s experience closer to a true (personal) observation of nature.


The photographs were all taken in 2014 in Singapore. Photographs are titled with coordinates of craters caused by the collision of large meteorites or comets with the Earth.

The textures were created with gesso and plaster over metal and wooden plates. All the photographs were taken with a Pentax 645z medium format camera using 55mm and 120mm lenses. Photographs were processed using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Each photograph is printed in a limited edition of three copies (100 x 75 cm and 140 x 105 cm).

To contact the artist: jordi.fornies@mail.com- www.facebook.com/jordifornies.artist

Sample of music: https://soundcloud.com/jordi-fornies/the-glacier

All rights reserved. Copyright 2014 by Jordi Forniés

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